Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bob BrueckL

Backlit Veils of Odious Vermin

                              Alleviating the opacity of transparent spatiality
                              overlapping the radiant veils of vermin on the 
                              periphery of cheap junk oscillating around the
                              stratified scaffolding of upside down tectonics
                              avidly stultifying the rectiline-rousing alkalinity
                              of osseous mudflats dismantling the backdrop of 
                              jaw-dropping muscleheads stuck with tuning forks . . . 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Nicasio Scrub Jays

The air is a child so we shove her on the bus to kindergarten

but none of the teachers can see her so she gets marked absent.

We get a call, we always get these calls, your kid’s stuck in a tree look at
those branches waving and waving; we think the jays don’t know what to do.

So we homeschool the air, we talk in a more systematic way, we point and explain
and when we don’t know we say we don’t know and ask your sister and she laughs.

Because scrub jays are often mistaken for blue jays, because we aren’t sure if they’re one
species or three. Standing on the back of a mule deer. They’re picking off and eating ticks.

The deer seem to appreciate the help, often standing still and holding up their ears to give
the jays access. They will even eat peanuts out of our daughters’ hands.

Because the air’s always climbing out a window to play in the garden the milkweed
bends down and the monarchs swirl around her we have no idea how much

our daughters listen to us, the air and her older sister, so we run out of words
and when we have no words left the wind begins to blow. Look up the answers

in the Encyclopedia Britannica he says. Each afternoon brightens. The wind
is plain and soft spoken but our daughter loves him he’s her first crush.

The wind has such sexy hair our daughter the air says matter of factly testing our boundaries.
It’ll happen no matter how hard we try to stop it, just as scrub jays wake us in the morning with their shouting.


Elegant Trogons

Resisting vanity, they are occasionally found as vagrants in southeasternmost and western Texas.
Likewise don’t live so long or prepare your spells. I asked Mary if she could choose between

a short healthy life or a long one where your body fucks you up, she said I would choose this
body because as long as I’m in it I get to be with you. I’m not scared of living or dying.

Birds flutter in my arms and my arms flutter as I flap the birds out of them. Although their flight
is fast, they are reluctant to fly any distance. They perch upright and motionless.

Related to mousebirds and owls, with soft feathers, known for taking small bites out of trees
but preferring to nest in abandoned woodpecker holes. Each leaf is hissing

good years, sad and good years, good and happy years, years and years spent in everspending
bodies, as parts of trees they know what they’re talking about but to have a metallic green head!

To have a black face and throat, a red-orange lower breast and belly. Grey upperwing coverts.
So I just have to show up and I’ll do just fine. Mary pokes me, you still have to work it babe.

But my toes are unique you get dizzy just thinking how they got so backwards. I put words
in the elegant trogon’s mouth and he goes co-ah, co-ah, co-ah I’m between bodies co-ah

Acknowledgment is sexy the musicians tell one another, the birds say it’s call and response.
You’re working in the yard and you think how cool it would be to see a quetzal this far north.

I’m eating small insects and fruit; I laugh for years and years, I’m of least concern,
I’m an adult now, I don’t eroticize our suffering.



are extinct. to sing short lines we don’t know what they sang they’re extinct.
to be less sure or be brighter and beloved by others we don’t know they’re extinct.

they were red birds that preferred to eat unripe fruit but they’re extinct.
they lived around and fed upon the seeds and flowers of the loʻulu palms, which are endangered so they’re extinct.

its niche has been filled by lavender waxbills, scraped layers of againness, they’re extinct.
the fossil record, its neverness, they don’t fly away they’re extinct.

adults were patterned red overall, their heads, throats, upper backs were silvery gray one was seen in 1937 but they’re extinct.
the crowns, wings, breasts, shoulders, tails were black, and the tertials white they’re extinct.

only known from five specimens, at Harvard, Honolulu, New York and Tring, a possible sight record tell me I’m forgiveable they’re extinct.
we don’t know their songs they vanished before we had the tools to record them they’re extinct.

to remain is deplorable. to remain is to be dispossessed. to be absent is an abstraction but they’re extinct.
their not songs, their no longers, the way you skim over the repetitions you’re so forgiveable and they’re extinct.


Zone-tailed Hawks

I’m not the end of things, but I live with vultures. Maybe I will want nothing when nothing’s left.
Wings point slightly upward, calmly, I mean isn’t it boring to keep weeping, and you always say no

not when you’re in it, not when it’s fair. No tears, the steep cliff. I’d like to consume less and
be swallowed more. All the smallnesses know they’re safe while I’m circling because a successful beauty is communal

And I am an awesomeness I strike death I tear nestlings and fledgings I devour the pieces I predate time itself.
I’m the start of all cycles I take my time in the sky and the sky lifts me casually I am its wristwatch.

The most beautiful dry earth, the least upon this earth.
No one knows how long we live. To be a radical practice.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Mark Young

geographies: Saint-Saturnin-des-Ligneries

                                               In a single-pass sequence 
                     derived from a single 
                                            complementary DNA (cDNA) 
                                    clone, she built a catafalque 
                                             in the crypt under the 
                                           Capitol rotunda. All
                                               brown ink, with gray wash, 
                            over traces of black chalk,
                                         adhering to the sequence 
                             in keeping with strict military 
                                                     protocols. International 
                                           customers are welcome.


A Line from Stephen Hawking

By day, I'm an online 
media buyer, grew up 
with a passion & talent
for playing baseball. 

On Fridays I like to shoot
pool or collect oral histories
at cocktail parties. I looked 
in the toy section & saw

a sampling of narratives 
drawn from doing jet 
set events. Physics is
nearing its end; but I 

have a similar juicer at 
home that makes peanut 
butter. There are things still
to prove. Looking inwards 

at ourselves may influence 
a child's perception of self 
identity, but where are 
the environmental benefits?


Friday, August 1, 2014

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July 2014

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August 2014

David Hopes, Vernon Frazer, Eric Dickey, Mark Young, Laura Young

September 2014

Hugh Behm-Steinberg, 

Eric Dickey

I Saw Your Blue Taurus

When I rounded the corner,
a blue Taurus just like yours
pulled into the parking spot
next to my stomach.
The left tire stopped inches 
from the curb of my tongue.
My words wanted to climb in
as if it were you
and your blue Taurus
coming to take me to the Dog’s Head 
rocks of the Lamoille River 
to make our minds green with the forest.
Our lives were like the water 
squeezing through narrow rocks.
The gushing sound, always there.
Can’t talk over it,
just listened to each other’s faces.
The language of moon and leaf,
our caregivers.
Your blue Taurus knows the way.


Five Quiet Squirrel Disquisitions

1.       I travel the freeways of trees.
          Branches dart like lightning;
          I leap from strike to strike.

2.      A man sits beneath my sycamore
         writing in his book.
         His thoughts scuttle like ants 
         and caterpillars across the page.

3.      Raccoons sneak in the doggy door at night. 
         They wash their hands in the water bowl 
         and eat the leftover dog food. And so they go, 
         from house to house.

4.      A woman sleeps with her mouth open. 
         She wakes with a fright
         when I claw up the wall. 

5.     This maple is not her tree:
         The carved heart has a P and a K
          but that doesn’t really matter.


How Embarrassing

          after Pentti Saarikoski

When I get on the bus,
the driver is alone. 
I sit in the first seat to keep him company.
What time did you start this morning?
How many runs do you do a day?
Do you ever change routes mid-shift?
I see his brow furrow in the mirror,
I am embarrassed by my questions. 

I think I should just shut up, and do.
I can’t tell if the bus driver is relieved or not. 
He probably doesn’t give a shit one way or the
other and doesn’t return my small talk
with more than single syllable simian grunts.
Embarrassing, the lone passenger 
on a big empty bus. Holding a bag
of groceries on my lap. 

I get to my mother’s house
and put the bag on the table.
I give her a hug and sigh
into her shoulder. 
As I leave through her front door, 
I look around to make sure the neighbors 
aren’t throwing spears at me
with their disapproving glares: embarrassing, 
a grown man going to his mother for sympathy,
they say. 

Two more people are on the bus. 
What a relief. I sit across from them. 
One disagrees with the other 
about their aunt’s last wishes and turns to look 
out the window. She squints her eyes tightly
like the bevel of a fine blade.
The other glowers at me with her daggers.
I shift my gaze to their feet
bound tightly in their shoes.

I return home. My wife wants to know 
when I will finish chopping the pile of wood.
I can’t tell her to back off
and have to come up with an answer.
“Saturday.” She hands me the ax
anyway. I go to the pile
but I don’t stop. I keep going.

Back on the bus, the two sisters are here
again. I say hello to the driver; he returns with 
“Afternoon.” looking at his mirrors.
I walk past the women, “Hello again.” 
The one is still looking out the window.
The other smirks at me.
I move to the back of the bus.

We three get off together.
As I reach for the handle by the back door,
my hand brushes one of them
and presses the soft flesh of her breast.
I say “Excuse me” and divert my eyes,
stumbling out of the bus.
They start calling me names,
the bus driver, too. I don’t look back.

I keep my head down and walk 
to my girlfriend’s apartment. 
Embarrassing, a married man 
seeking the comfort of a girl-child.
But still, I enter her building,
run up the stairs, down the 
hallway, and straight up her thigh—
shelter from the Barbarians.